Where to Adopt a Dog in Boulder

by Rachel Daly
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where to adopt a dog in Boulder Colorado

‘Tis the season of giving, of receiving, and of loving — all of which you will experience giving a dog a forever home. Adopting a rescue dog is rewarding for many reasons, at the top is the love that you will receive. Below is a list of rescue organizations in and around Boulder who are working hard every day to take care of homeless dogs (and in some cases many other kinds of animals). These folks are dedicated to giving  dogs a second chance by matching each one with a human companion that can give them a forever home. Fair warning: adorable faces ahead!! To the people who go out of their way to save these precious lives, thank you for all that you do for humans’ truest and most loyal friends. Here it is, our guide to where to adopt a dog in Boulder Colorado.

Summit Dog Rescue, Boulder Colorado

dog rescue boulder co

Tess, Photo Courtesy Summit Dog Rescue

Summit Dog Rescue, based in Boulder, is on a mission to save dogs who are left in shelters that are overcrowded and therefore unable to continue to care for the animals. Summit focuses on dogs who thrive in the mountain environment, and does their very best to pair these furry sweethearts up with a committed adopter. Summit is always in need of good homes for dogs, as well as foster families for dogs who are awaiting adoption. To find out more about Summit Dog Rescue, follow them on facebook here or check out their website here.

Brighter Days Dog Rescue

dog rescues boulder

Fitz, Photo Courtesy Better Days Dog Rescue

Brighter Days Dog Rescue, based in Boulder, is a rescue organization that takes calls from all over the U.S. who are in danger of being euthanized. BDDR works hard to find these dogs a loving, stable home. If you are interested in finding out more, visit Brighter Days Dog Rescue on their facebook page, or at their website.

Farfel’s Friends Rescue

dog rescue boulder

Mingus, Photo Courtesy Farfel’s Farm

The pet-friendly downtown Boulder boutique shop, Farfel’s Farm, also rescues and adopts dogs through Farfel’s Friends Rescue. The rescue focuses on urgent need dogs from southern states, matching them with forever homes here in Colorado. Check out Farfel’s Farm on Facebook here or at the Farfel’s Friends Rescue website here.

Gritty Pittie Rescue

dog rescues boulder

Maya, Photo Courtesy Gritty Pittie Rescue

Gritty Pittie Rescue, based in Longmont, is focused on the rescue and advocacy of pit bull dogs, but make themselves available to help any dog who finds themselves in need regardless of breed. The end goal is to be a matchmaker for dogs looking to land on the couch and in the arms of a responsible home and to find their people. To find out more about Gritty Pittie, follow them on Facebook, or visit their website here.

Underdogs Animal Rescue

dog rescues boulder

June Carter and Johnny Cash, Photo Courtesy Underdogs Animal Rescue

Underdogs Animal Rescue is dedicated to changing the perception of the “underdog” – the forgotten ones, the misunderstood ones, the ones that get picked last (or don’t get picked at all). The rescue saves dogs from overcrowded shelters and places them with foster families as they diligently find forever homes for these deserving dogs. Follow Underdogs Animal Rescue on facebook or visit their website here.

Humane Society of Boulder Valley

boulder rescue dog

Photo Courtesy Humane Society of Boulder Valley

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley takes in dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, birds and other pets that are in need of a home. Providing shelter to over 7,000 animals a year, the Humane Society of Boulder Valley is in need of loving, stable homes to adopt these precious animals. You can follow them on facebook or visit the Humane Society of Boulder Valley to see adoptable animals here.

Mother Gaia Animal Rescue

dog rescues boulder

Spot, Photo Courtesy Mother Gaia Animal Rescue

Mother Gaia Animal Rescue, based in Lafayette, is a foster-based rescue that helps find homeless animals committed, loving families. If you are interested in adoption, or if you have room in your home to foster one of these doggies in need, check out Mother Gaia Animal Rescue’s facebook page or their adoptable dogs on petfinder..

Save the Giants

dog rescues boulder

Flaca, Photo Courtesy Save the Giants

Save the Giants has a Broomfield-based dog rescue (they also rescue throughout Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas), dedicated to rescuing and responsibly re-homing Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Great Pyrenees and English Mastiffs who are rescued from kill shelters and from dire situations/circumstances. To see adoptable dogs, check out their petfinder page, or follow them on facebook here.

Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue

dog rescues boulder

Bart, Courtesy Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue

Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue is made up of a small group of volunteers that find and re-home labrador retrievers and lab mixes. Many of these dogs come from high-kill shelters in rural areas that cannot hold dogs for more than 4-5 days. Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue is able to save these dogs with a network of foster homes and eventually forever homes when families reach out to adopt these sweet dogs. If you are interested in adopting a lab, or if you have room in your home to foster a lab, visit Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue’s website or follow them on facebook for updates.

Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue

boulder dog rescues

Bags, Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue

Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue‘s mission is to rescue, foster, vet and rehome unwanted shelter animals and promote spay and neuter of all animals. The rescue is determined to end pet overpopulation with the Spay It Forward program, providing subsidized spay neuter surgeries for impoverished counties in the South West US. Check out Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue’s website and facebook page.

Do Over Dogs

dog rescues boulder

Cherry Crumbles, Photo Courtesy Do Over Dogs

Do Over Dogs is a Broomfield-based dog rescue, giving at-risk dogs a second chance at life. Dogs are rescued from high-kill shelters and placed in foster homes until a forever home can be found. To find out more about Do Over Dogs, follow them on facebook, or see their petfinder page here.

Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies

boulder dog rescues

Bernie, Photo Courtesy Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies

Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies is a rescue group that helps place unwanted, abandoned or surrendered Golden Retrievers into loving forever homes. GRRR re-homes approximately 300 Golden Retrievers annually. To find out more about Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, follow them on facebook or visit their website.

Longmont Humane Society

dog rescues boulder

Shortstack, Photo Courtesy Longmont Humane Society

The Longmont Humane Society provides temporary shelter to thousands of animals every year including dogs, cats, small mammals and birds who are lost, abandoned or surrendered. The shelter also provides low cost spay and neutering, as well as dog training. To learn more, follow them on facebook here or check out adoptable animals here.

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