Snow Removal: What You Need to Know Living in Boulder’s Foothills

by Rachel Daly
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living in Boulder's foothills

We’ve lived in Colorado for most of our lives, always in the suburbs of Colorado’s Front Range. The first snow we experienced living in Boulder’s foothills took us by surprise. The weather reports predicted the front range would receive a couple of inches so we thought we would get more, maybe 4 or 5 inches. But it turned out to be a full foot of snow! We were completely caught off guard. Don’t be fooled by the Denver/Boulder weather forecast – it doesn’t necessarily apply to you! Expect more snow because you will probably get it.

Living in Boulder’s Foothills: Snow Removal

There are a few options for snow removal – you can hire someone to come clear your driveway. You can buy a snow blower. You can buy an ATV with a snow blade or if you have a truck, you can attach one to your truck. Having a plan is crucial because you could end up stuck – even with our 4×4 Jeep we could not get out of our steep mountain driveway until we cleared the snow.

living in Boulder's foothills

Photo courtesy of Kim Williford

We have a snow blower – I would recommend it if your drive isn’t too large. They are efficient and relatively easy to use. If you have a long driveway or have any trouble dealing with large equipment, hiring the work out or investing in an ATV might be a better option. It’s not a bad idea to have gravel or ice melt on hand for inevitable ice.

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