Ready to Thrive? Meet the Team Behind the Master the M.A.P. Virtual Health Retreat

by Rachel Daly

I recently interviewed Soha Yu, of Perfect Pair 4 Balance and one of her Health Dream Team members, Amelia Kaufman of Selkskin, to find out more about their upcoming 7 day virtual health retreat Master the M.A.P. (Meridian Activation Protocol): Unlocking Keys to Infinite Health. The retreat begins on Monday, February 15, 2021 and is free and open to all!

Soha Yu & Amelia Kaufman

Soha, can you begin by explaining what the Master the M.A.P. health retreat is all about and what attendees can expect?

Soha: M.A.P. is an acronym for Meridian Activation Protocol, and its really a vehicle through a fusion of Chinese medicine and the foundations of nature, designed to transform you into becoming a living needle, a master receptor at listening, observing, and understanding what your body’s delicate ecosystem is communicating. This customized protocol gives you the tools on how to transform yourself into a thriving regenerative ecosystem. Basically, we want every person to become an expert on themselves. That is our passion.

Who is the workshop for?

Soha: The retreat is designed for two different groups of people. The first is a person who just wants to be healthy. For example, they want to understand why they have chronic pain, or depression or anxiety. We will deep dive into several ways to understand your body and heal yourself, through meditation, nutrition, movement and Neuro Hydro Molecular Tissue Repair, which is a fusion of neuromuscular therapy with acupressure using the meridians. The second is the healer who wants to learn more, to help themselves as well as others. These are people who are already trained in a particular field – yoga instructors, massage therapists, nutritionists, who want to grow and further their education. The retreat will help them become more effective in supporting people in their world.

In this time of COVID, having gone through phases of shutdowns and physical distancing. what are the benefits of this virtual retreat model?

Soha: We as humans love connection. We love celebration and we can inspire each other. There’s this natural synchronicity and an energy flow of all of us working together, we’re all doing our personal work, but we are doing it as a family, or as a team. Isolation is a form of torture, they do it in prisons. It brings our immunity down. I was hesitant to go online, because I embrace working on people personally. But, I’ve found that when your heart is in this place of pure service and wanting to connect, you can do it in this medium and we are seeing that it has been an effective way to connect people during this difficult time.

Amelia, you are the licensed nutritionist on the Health Dream Team. This pandemic has pushed a lot of us into spending more time cooking at home, do you see that as an opportunity?

Amelia: I think COVID has given us all an opportunity to reevaluate everything that is working, and not working, in peoples’ lives. It’s given us a chance to look at our core values, to slow down. During the work shop, we do food demos, and make healing food, because food is medicine. Each food has warming and cooling elements. You can use them strategically, with the seasons. Using this time at home to nourish your body, its a great opportunity.

You two are part of an amazing team of people who are coming together to bring resources and tools for this retreat. Tell me about your team and how you work together.

Soha: Here’s the beautiful thing about being a health practitioner — we’ve gone through the process of healing and now we are overflowing with abundant energy and support. I can’t be the end all be all, so I have brought together a diverse health dream team. We have seen that in the workshops, one of us may be able to reach someone better than the others. That is what the health dream team is all about, making the connection, helping people live their purpose, be in integrity with themselves and give their gifts.

Want to learn more about the Master the M.A.P. retreat? Check out Soha’s video here. The retreat is a 7-Day program, free and open to all. To register, click here. The full Health Dream Team: Yeonsoha Yu with Perfect Pair 4 Balance, Amelia Kauffman with Selkskin, Ali Duncan with Urban Sanctuary, Stacey Phillips with Fresh Start, Elayne Oligschlaeger with Pampered Chef, Mary Hastings with Harmonic Egg of Boulder County, Merlinda Arnold with The Sacred Way, Lauren Capone with Flatirons Integrative Health & Nutrition , Christina Willis, Joelle Cogliati with Performance Therapies, and Jessica & Jill Emich with Shine Boulder.