Kid-Friendly! The Denver Art Museum

by Rachel Daly

Have you thought about taking your small kids to the Denver Art Museum but reconsidered, thinking that the art museum would be too serene for your littles?  Me too! Turns out I was wrong. The Denver Art Museum is packed with kid and family-friendly amenities. The best part? Kids get in FREE. Every day.

Denver Art Museum’s 3D Studio

Build an abstract sculpture with paper, create an animal with wire, and even see artists demonstrate their craft at the 3D Studio in the Denver Art Museum. This room will bring the maker out in you and your kids, with all the supplies at your fingertips, an lots of inspiration around you! Access to the 3D studio is included with museum admission.

3D Studio, Denver Art Museum

A Walk in the Woods: Animal Themed Artmaking Activities

On the 3rd floor of the Hamilton Building, the Denver Art Museum offers a space for young makers to explore art with animal-inspired activities.

denver art museum

Artmaking Activities for Kids

Activities include building sculptures with sticks, dressing up in animal costumes, and making a shadowbox.

There is also a comfy space outside of the artmaking room to take a break and read some books!

denver art museum

Reading Nook at the Denver Art Museum

Explore the Exhibits with Gallery Games & Sketching

The museum provides scavenger hunts for certain exhibits, to give kids the chance to play while moving through the galleries. These gallery games are currently available at two exhibits – Ganesha: The Playful Protector and Stampede: Animals in Art. For kids who enjoy drawing, there are sketch pads and pencils at the ready, as well as small portable chairs so that, when you or your child is inspired to draw, you and your child can settle in!

denver art museum

Sketch, Play and Contemplate

Enchant your Kids with Stampede: Animals in Art Exhibit

This exhibit is really interesting because the art displayed spans centuries, cultures, belief systems, technology, mediums and more. The theme that ties them all together is animals. It is fascinating! A theme that is intriguing for adults and enchanting for children.

Artwork by Julie Buffalohead, at the Stampede Exhibit

Artwork by Yayoi Kusana

Within this exhibit, there are three bronze horses sculpted by Deborah Butterfield. They are truly dazzling! Inside this room sits three easels, a perfect spot for kids to try their hand at making animal-themed art.

There are a ton of fun events and activities that the museum puts on for kids during school breaks and weekends. For the latest, click here.

The Denver Art Museum is located at 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver, CO 80204.  The museum is open Monday – Thursday 10AM – 5PM, Friday 10AM – 8PM and Saturday – Sunday 10AM – 5PM. Admission to the museum is $10/Adults ($13 Non-Colorado Resident), $8/Seniors & Students ($10 Non-Colorado Resident), Always FREE for Kids 18 and under. Admission to the museum is FREE on the first Saturday of every month to everyone!

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