Colorado in Numbers

by Rachel Daly
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Colorado in Numbers

Colorado is 104,094 square miles of AWESOME. Did you know that public lands make up 22 million acres of this majestic state? Or that there is an 11,125 ft difference in elevation from the lowest to the highest point in Colorado? Here they are: Colorado in numbers.

300 Days of Sunshine

Another beautiful, sunny day in Boulder, Colorado

Colorado averages less than 65 truly overcast days a year, making it one of the sunniest states in the country. While our 300 days of sunshine may be a mix of clear and partly-cloudy days, the prevalence of sunshine makes for lovely days all year round.

58 Fourteeners

colorado in numbers 14ers

Photo Courtesy Mindy Williford

Colorado’s beautiful mountains are numerous as well as tall, with 58 of them exceeding 14,000 feet in elevation. Climbing just one of these massive mountains is challenging, but climbing all 58 has become a badge of honor for outdoor enthusiasts.

8 National Monuments

colorado national parks free day

Photo Courtesy Visit Grand Junction

Colorado is home to eight national monuments that preserve and protect important geological, archaeological and natural sites. Cultural sites of Canyons of the Ancients, Yucca House, Chimney Rock and Hovenweep are home to ancient structures, art and other relics. Dinosaur and Florissant Fossil Beds National Monuments showcase Colorado’s pre-historic eras of dinosaurs and ancient flora. Colorado National Monument and Browns Canyon’s exhilarating landscapes of Colorado’s natural wonders.

14,440 ft – Highest Elevation

On top of Mt. Elbert, photo by Mindy Williford

Mt. Elbert claims the fame of highest point in Colorado, with it’s summit reaching a whopping 14,440 feet.

3,315 – Lowest Elevation

lowest elevation colorado

Eastern Colorado, Photo by Chris Light

Colorado’s lowest point can be found in Yuma County, where the Arikaree River departs Colorado for Kansas. At 3,315 feet, Colorado’s lowest elevation is the the highest low elevation of all 50 states.

42 State Parks

Eldorado Canyon State Park in Boulder County, Photo by F. Delventhal

Colorado has 42 State Parks that are dedicated to preserving wildlife and habitats all over the state. State parks provide outdoor recreation opportunities like hiking, camping, swimming and paddle boarding. Many of these parks are located near populated areas, making them very accessible and some, unlike the national parks, will allow you to bring your dog!

4 National Parks

National Park Week

Photo Courtesy Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve

Colorado‚Äôs four national parks represent the magnificent and diverse landscapes that make up our beautiful state. Rocky Mountain National Park stuns visitors with its pristine mountain lakes, snow-capped mountains and exhilarating Trail Ridge Road. Take a walk into Colorado’s ancient past at Mesa Verde National Park, to discover preserved dwellings, archaeological sites and fascinating relics. Witness the tallest sand dunes in North America at Great Sand Dunes National Park. Discover the breathtaking formations and steep cliffs that meander through Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

11 National Forests

Yellow and orange aspens color the hillside near Crooked Creek Road on the Sulphur Ranger District, Arapaho National Forest. USDA Photo.

Colorado National Forests protect more than 13 million acres of our beautiful state. Within these lands lie breathtaking wilderness, waterfalls, hiking trails, rivers and reservoirs. These public lands offer developed campgrounds (affordable) as well as dispersed camping (free).

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