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Boulder Embraces Winter Storms and Freezing Temps

by Rachel Daly
Boulder in Winter

It’s early January and the temps are are in the frigid negatives, but Boulder people don’t cower — they go outside. When we had our first snowstorm here in Boulder, I was more than a little charmed to discover people skiing through North Boulder Park.

Just yesterday, Boulder experienced a major snowstorm, heavy enough to close schools as well as city government buildings. Although Boulder receives snowfall regularly in the winter, these types of closures are a rare occurrence. Today the kids went back to school and as I drove through the streets, here is what I noticed:

Boulder in Winter

Boulder’s Chautauqua Park with Sledding Hill in View

Boulder people bike in the snow — they are cautious but undeterred.


At the park you’ll see kids playing in the snow as cross-country skiers glide past.  And it is awesome.

At Boulder’s scenic Chautauqua Park, people are enjoying themselves —  all bundled up they are hiking, running, walking their dogs and of course — sledding!!

chautauqua sledding

The blanket of snow and the freezing temps will give way to warmer days and sunshine throughout January and February. The snow sticks around only for a couple of days, melting in the Chinook winds. It’s all in the ebb and flow of a Colorado winter — freezing and thawing, the dark and the light.


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