About the Blog

by Rachel Daly

I’m Rachel Daly, writer and founder of All Things Boulder.

Rachel Daly, All Things Boulder

Our family moved to Boulder in 2016 from nearby Broomfield.

When we made the move to Boulder, I quickly realized there are so many things to discover! Boulder has everything — amazing food, gorgeous scenery, fun outdoor adventures, scores of activities for kids, and so much more. In an effort to learn more about my new city, I started to write about the places and events that I encountered. I learn more every day, and I am excited to share all of this with you!

things to do in Boulder in June

Rooftop Yoga at Folsom Field

I realized that our big change was the perfect opportunity to try new things.

I started this website as a resource for newcomers to Boulder and the surrounding area, as well as for people who live here and want to keep up to date with the community. As the blog evolved, discovering Boulder became my passion project — finding new, fun and different things to do and discovering myself in the process. If you have an event you would like to share with me, I would love to hear about it! Email me at rachel@allthingsboulder.com.

Photo by All Things Boulder 1

Winter Hike to the Boulder Star

Interested in moving to Boulder?

My husband, Jeremiah Daly and I work together at WK Real Estate and are local Realtors. If you are interested in buying or selling your home in the Boulder area, give us a shout!

About the dog…

Since he is frequently pictured, it seems appropriate to formally introduce our dog, Tekka. Best friend, fellow adventurer, friendly neighbor. Super cute. He is a collie mix, adopted from Colorado Collie Rescue. He now has a new baby sister, Kira. Photo of Kira to come.

Tekka, celebrating his 10th birthday