About Us

I’m Rachel Daly, founder and writer at Move to Boulder. I created this website as a resource for people moving to Boulder and the surrounding area, as well as for people who live here and want to keep up to date with the community.

My husband, Jeremiah Daly is both a local realtor and a regular contributing writer on this website. If you are interested in moving here, give him a shout! Jeremiah can help you find the perfect home, as well as the best neighborhood to fit your needs.

We consider ourselves very fortunate that both of our families moved to Colorado during our youth. Jeremiah’s family moved here from the Chicago area, my family originated in Wichita, KS. We met in Broomfield, and spent most of our adult lives there, getting married, raising our two daughters. We love Broomfield! But we realized we were spending much of our time in Boulder, so we packed up and headed for the hills! Boulder has always been the place where we worked, and played, so packing up and moving to the Boulder foothills was a natural choice.

When we moved to Boulder in 2016, I quickly realized there are so many things to discover! Boulder has everything — amazing food, gorgeous scenery, fun outdoor adventures, delicious craft brews, scores of activities for kids, and so much more! In an effort to learn more about my new city, I started to write about the places and events that I discovered. I learn more every day, and I am excited to share all of this with you!


Rachel Daly

Jeremiah Daly