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7 Reasons Why Springtime in Boulder is the BEST

by Rachel Daly

Ahhhhh the first day of SPRING. The days are getting longer and warmer, the birds are singing and there are tiny signs of life popping out of the ground. Here in Boulder, Spring also means crazy wet and heavy snow storms, rising creek waters and outdoor adventures! Here are seven of the MANY reasons why springtime in Boulder is the BEST!

#1 Sunshine

Toss that jacket aside and baske in the warm sunshine!!

#2 Springtime Hiking

Yes, it will snow, but the warm days in between will melt the ice off the trails quickly, allowing for you to get back to your favorite hiking spots.

#3 Rainbows

Boulder is magical 🌈⛰

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The mix of sun and storms create the most beautiful rainbows, and sometimes other interesting phenomenons like thunder snow.

#4 Tulips

Look who we found hanging out on Pearl Street. Peak tulip time is coming!

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In late March and early April, Pearl Street explodes with colorful blooming tulips.

#5 Boulder Events

Springtime in Boulder means the BolderBOULDER, the Boulder Creek Fest, Boulder Arts Week, the Tulip and Fairy Festival and so much more!

#6 Dogs

Ok, so our love affair with dogs is year-round. But look how cute they are all happy in the sunshine!

#7 Spring Snow

The heavy, wet spring snows melt into bright, green, sunshiny days.

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